Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some time when I was in my room I found my CHRISTMAS earrings and my bear and then I put the earrings through my bears ears. I thought it looked so cute.

My mum put it on her blog too. So we both liked the idea .One tip for this bear is you should keep on rocking the earrings. But I do want them back.


Mum and I and my dog Finn wanted to go to the regatta centre but when we got there it was closed so we called Dad to see if he was at work to see if we could drop in at his work but he was at his other work.So mum drove us to the lake so I had a scooter there.When I put my scooter back in the car mum took us to the park across the road and we had a play over there.

When we got back home mum had to go out to the shops and on the way there I asked mum if we could stop at the library and we got 20 books. My books were Santa Koala, Surprise, Lizzie Mcguire DVD,Stuart goes to school which Mum bought,Charlie and Lola and Finn throws a fit. On that very day I got the very bad book because I already have the very bad book.

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